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Cambridge Community Radio Association

Founded April 12, 2001 and on-air since July 1, 2004


UPDATE- May 24, 2020 With the guidence of broadcast engineer Rick Pogson, a crew from Northwestern Rural Cooperative was able to replace a broken wire and subsequently help us to regain transmitting capabilities on May 22nd. We whole-heartedly thank the Co-Op and these fine gentlemen that took care of the task at hand.


Sam, Donna, Frank & Tom


WXCS went live on-air July 1, 2004. We played Road Apple Big Band album "100% Natural Ingredients" continuously for a few hours as we drove around marvelling over our own radio waves! Our LPFM license was renewed August, 2014. We continue our commitment to bring independent, noncommercial, local radio to Cambridge Springs and the surrounding area. We were the 2nd licensed Low Power FM radio station in Pennsylvania!!

Radio Programs of Note!

  • Sprague Farm & Brew Works Hour Weekdays 4pm
  • Artist of the Week Monday-Wednesday-Friday Noon and 11pm
  • Agave Party Saturday 9pm, Sunday 3am, Thursday 12am
  • eTown Sunday 12pm, Monday-Wednesday-Friday 11am
  • Barnaby Druthers Saturday 10pm, Sunday 10am
  • New Testament Sunday 11am

As part of our community outreach and cultural advancement, we host a weekly musical event. We ask you to join us at The Villa 236 S. Main Street, Cambridge Springs on Wednesday nights 8pm-11pm for our WXCS Open Mic & Jam Session! October 2020 will be ten years! Thanks Clair!

In the fall we broadcast Cambridge Springs High School Blue Devils Football - Games are usually Friday nights with a 7pm kick-off... Scott Muckinhaupt and Nick Vella bring you play-by-play and color commentary. Go Blue!

Artist of the Week 

Week of Jan. 20, 2020 Darling West "We'll Never Know Unless We Try"

Week of Jan. 27, 2020 EmiSunshine and The Rain "Family Wars"

Week of Feb. 3, 2020 Bill Scorzari "Now I'm Free"

Week of Feb. 10, 2020 Blues Society of Central PA "Backyard Blues" a compilation

Week of Feb. 17, 2020 The HighLife "Uncovered"

Week of Feb. 24, 2020 The Get Ahead "Deepest Light"

Week of March 2, 2020 Rich Mahan "Hot Chicken Wisdom"

Week of March 9, 2020 Michael Braunfeld "Driver"

Educational Purpose of CCRA

CAMBRIDGE COMMUNITY RADIO ASSOCIATION (CCRA) was registered in Pennsylvania on April 12, 2001 (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Entity Number 2999474). Our primary educational functions are to diversify our community's culture and raise awareness of a broad base of local issues. CCRA'S function is to facilitate and administrate educational, community-oriented local radio programming through an FCC licensed LP100 radio station. Programming will include locally originated music from area college and high school bands and choirs, as well as other local musicians. High school student radio programming and high school sports newscasting is planned. Religious education, agricultural and conservation education, community public service announcements and local newscasts are also planned to increase cultural awareness and foster educational diversity on the local level.

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Website updated March 16, 2020 just in case you're curious!

CCRA Board Members

  • Sam Reese - Chairman
  • Tom Glenn - Vice Chairman
  • Donna Reese - Secretary
  • Frank Bercik - Treasurer